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Laghman is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. Located in the east of Afghanistan, the capital is Mehtar Lam. The province is composed of several districts including: Alingar, Alishing, Dawlat Shah, Mehtar Lam, and Qarghayi. It is estimated that the population is approximately 285,680.


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During the invasions of Alexander the Great, the area was formerly known as Lampaka which a series of inscription from Ashoka, grandson of Chandragupta, who ruled from 269 to 232 B.C. and was one of India's most illustrious rulers. Ashoka's inscriptions chiseled on rocks and stone pillars located at strategic locations throughout his empire--such as Lampaka (Laghman in modern Afghanistan) while others are Mahastan (in modern Bangladesh), and Brahmagiri (in Karnataka).

Chinese traveller Hsuan Tsang, visited the Laghman. Although now located at the Kabul Museum in 1969 Aramaic inscriptions were found in Laghman which indicated an ancient trade route from India to Palmyra.

During the war with the Soviets and the battles that followed between the rivaling warlords, many homes and business establishments in the province were destroyed.


The Alingar and Alinshing rivers pass through Laghman, as the province is known for its lushness. Laghman has sizable amounts of irrigated land as one can find scores of fruits and vegetables from Laghman in Kabul, notably cucumbers. Other main crops in Laghman include rice, wheat and cotton as many people living in the area are involved in agricultural trade and business.

The province also has an array of precious stones and minerals, which are famous in the world.

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